Alpine Elementary School

Achieving Excellence

Budget Information

  • Fiscal Year 2021

     The proposed pupil-teacher ratio for special education services is 1/6, pupil-staff ratio is 1/6. The number of full-time certificated employees is six (6).

     The average salary for all teachers is $60,148.00, for the previous year it was $59,925.00.

     The average salary has no significant increase due to the number of new teachers.

Percentages of money spent

  • Classroom 58.3%, Instructional Support 0.4%, Student support 1.9%.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of the district is to provide comprehensive, success-oriented learning activities for young people in our school. These opportunities must be designed to develop the person's potential in the areas of academic ability and vocational awareness, cultural appreciation, physical well-being, social development, and community contribution.

We Believe

    • Every student will be educated academically and socially so as to be a productive citizen.
    • All students will have equal educational opportunities to achieve their individual potential.
    • Successful education depends on parental commitment to education.
    • We have something to offer every student. 

Bear Pride

  • Share, Care, Listen, Respect, Trust


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